The Best Crystals for Anxiety, Depression, and Stress


Lets face it this world is loaded with a lot of stress and negative thoughts. All of this stress and negative energy brings in all of the negative emotions and this eventually takes a hit on our nervous system. It seems like no matter how much you try you just can’t avoid it, so instead of trying to find ways to avoid the inevitable maybe we should switch to methods that can help us get through it. I already know some of y’all are saying really doc you think these rocks can help me anxiety, depression, and stress? And the answer is yes absolutely! So lets dive in and determine what the best crystals are for you!

Quality of Stones

Every stone has a lot of positive effects! However, like with anything the quality of the stone you buy will play a factor. You want to make sure you are getting a good quality stone and not just a painted rock. While the placebo effect of having the painted rock might help some, you won’t receive the actual benefits that each stone has on it’s own. I will always advise going to My Dream Crystals to buy a good quality stone but there are a lot of other alternatives when it comes to buying stones. Just make sure you look into the shop you are buying from!

Healing Crystals

There are a lot of different stones that can provide healing properties in the physical aspect, emotional aspect, spiritual aspect, or mental aspect. For the sake of this article we are going to focus more on the healing properties of stones for emotional healing and mental healing. I will say if you have mental health issues these stones do not supersede the medical advice from your doctor or counselor. These simply are tools you can add in to your care to help you that much more.

One of the best aspects is that regardless of what you are trying to target healing wise these stones are loaded with positive energy and higher vibrations. When we live in a low vibrational stressful world who couldn’t use that!

The Best Stones for Depression

The WHO stated March 31st 2023 that an estimated 280 million people have a diagnosed depressive disorder. These are just the diagnosed cases of depression! Can you imagine how much this statistic would increase if everyone who truly suffers from depression reached out for help and was included in the statistics! Lets see what stones can help with depression.

Carnellian is a beautiful red/orange stone that helps with anxiety, depression and stress

This beautiful red/orange stone is considered a positive motivation stone. It helps you to overcome emotions from your past whether it be past abuse or past negative emotions. This is also considered a grounding and stabilizing stone.

Smoky Quartz
A lot of oval smoky quartz on a white counter. Smoky Quartz is a clear stone with a blackish hughe to it.

This stone helps promote positive thoughts so is great for depression. It helps you to get passed fears, provides emotional stability, helps overcome depression, and is also known as a grounding stone.

Large flat oval purple colored stones in a womans hand with leaves in the background. This stone is regularly used for depression.

This is one my favorite crystals for depression. This helps to release old ways of thinking, which staying stuck in your old ways often times is what keeps you trapped in depression. It is known to be a gentle stone that brings on empathy and trust. It is a mood stabilizer and helps to decrease mood swings and general tension.

Red Jasper
Multiple pyramid shaped red/orange crystals on a wooden bench with leaves in the back ground.

This is a balancing and endurance stone that is great for decreasing aggressive dynamic energy. It is also a gentle energy stone that will increase your energy, stamina, focus, and determination which is great because these often times energy decreases with depression. It is a great stone for overall mental clarity.

Black Obsidian
Different sized black stones in a womans hand with leaves in the back ground. Black obsidian is a great stone for pushing through depression.

Black obsidian is a grounding and protective stone. It is a great stone for supporting change, providing clarity, releasing emotional blockages and draws out stress and tension. I will warn you that if you also have anxiety this may not be the stone for you. Obsidian is great at pulling out the issue and pushing you through it quickly. Speeding up isn’t ideal for anxiety but can be great for depression!

A large chunk of citrine crystal on a wooden bench with leaves in the background. Another great stone for depression, anxiety and stress

Citrine is a great positive and balancing stone. It helps to decrease negative energy and increase confidence! Citrine is a great manifestation stone, so see what you want in your life and bring that intention into the stone.

4 green heart stones in a womans palm. Malachite is a great mood stabilizing stone.

This is a mood stabilizing stone. It helps you to release past traumas which helps decrease depression. It also helps bring in a feeling of peace and acceptance.

Clear Quartz Crystal
6 long clear quartz crystals in a woman's hand with a plant in the background.

This stone is known as a balancing and harmonizing stone. This stone is pretty much the best stone for anything because it absorbs and amplifies other stones to make them more effective. On its own it helps with emotional balance and provide mental clarity.

Tigers Eye
3 palm stones with different shades of gold and black in a woman's hand with plants in the background. A great stone for depression!

This is a great protection and grounding stone. It will shield your energy from negative threats, decrease fear and anxiety. This stone also helps to increase your energy overall energy.

The Best Stones for Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorder that is diagnosed. The WHO reported in 2019 that it affects 301 million people. I can imagine that the number now in 2023 is so much more! Whether you have social anxiety or anxiety all the time these stones can help support you.

Multiple sized purple stones in a woman's hand with plants in the background. Amethyst is a good stone for relieving stress

This stone is a tranquilizing and protection stone. It helps to calm your energy, relieves stress, tension, and anxiety and helps to stabilize your mood. This stone is also known to increase the immune system, stabilize your digestive system, regulate hormones and decrease headaches. All of which are very common in those that suffer with anxiety.

Blue Lace Agate
A large blue lace agate heart crystal in a woman's hand with plants in the background.

This one is a compassion and calming stone that is known to relieve stress and anxiety. Many have said that it feels like their troubling emotions are washing away when they meditate with this stone. It also helps to ease tension, promote communication, express your thought and feelings, and helps to clear mental blockages. All in all this stone encourages to be your true self.

Clear Quartz

As stated above this stone is a balancing, harmonizing, and amplifying stone. (please read above for more information)


This is a grounding, stabilizing and motivation stone. This stone gently attempts to help you get rid of your past stressors. Most anxiety attacks are triggered from something that has happened in our past, so our body is reacting in an attempt to keep us safe. It is a great stone to work with if you suffer with anxiety or depression.

Rose Quartz
6 rose quartz pyramid crstals on a rock with leaves in the background.

Of all of the stones this is my favorite! This excellent stone is a supportive stone and boosts your 4th chakra (heart chakra). It helps to increase your self worth, self esteem, release stress, balances emotional health, release emotional blockages and promotes circulation. Rose Quartz is all about love and compassion. Any time I go through a bout of depression or an anxiety attack it’s the first stone I grab. I have a large stone that stays in my office and home to bring love and balance to the environment around me as well.

Lapis Lazuli
Multiple blue colored lapis lazule stones on a white surface.

This stone is a wisdom stone that supports your 3rd chakra (eye chakra) so it helps you to see situations as they are. Often times with anxiety we portray situations in our minds as much worse than they are, so this stone helps to calm that down. It is also known to increase motivation, strength and courage. Physically this stone helps with headaches, tension, and vertigo symptoms.

Black Tourmaline
5 Black Tourmaline heart crystals in a woman's hand with plants in the background.

This is a very popular grounding, protective, and balancing stone. It will help to clear your space of negative energy and removes emotional blockages. This stone will also help to increase self confidence, balance yin and yang (your bodies energy), open and balance all of your chakras, and helps to balance out the right and left hemispheres. That last piece is HUGE!!! When your right and left brain aren’t functioning together it will fire constant stress without you realizing it. Balancing the two hemispheres out is a big part in decreasing stress, depression, and anxiety.


This is a great positive and balancing stone. Please read above for more information.

The Best Stones for Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks can come out of nowhere and can truly destroy your life if it persists. I personally deal with anxiety / panic attacks and can tell you stones as simple as they are can help a lot! My personal favorite for anxiety attacks is rose quartz!

The stones that have been known to help the most are amethyst, rose quarts, lapis lazuli, black tourmaline, lepidolite, citrine, smoky quartz, blue sapphire, and selenite. (please read above for the ones that aren’t described below.)

Blue Sapphire
Multiple different sized blue sapphire stones in a woman's hand.

This is a purity and love stone. It helps to release emotional blockages, protects you against negative energy while promoting strength, inner peace, and clarity.

5 different sized selenite towers on a wooden table with plants in the background

This stone is known for its cleansing and purification properties. It helps to promote feelings of peace, clarity, serenity, love, and forgiveness while clearing confusion from your mind. This is a great calming stone that helps to promote flexibility. Often times, with anxiety attacks we get stuck in patterns and routines so that we can avoid triggers. This stone helps to gently ease you in to those unknown routine breakers. This cleansing stone is great to place your other stones on at night because it helps to rid the negative energy collected on your stones.

The Best Stones for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is reported in 5% of adults in the US and effects you for 40% of the year! This means you are sad because of the weather for about half of the year! Since moving out of your area probably isn’t an option, lets talk about a few stones to help us out!

The recommended stones are clear quartz, tourmaline, blood stone, and obsidian. Please read above for clear quartz, tourmaline and obsidian. Again with obsidian it is a great stone because it pushes you! It’s like “ok I know you’re sad but feel those feelings and move forward”.

Blood Stone
A blood stone angel in a woman's hand with plants in the background

This is a great protective and grounding stone. This helps to protect you from the negative energy around you (ie the whether and time change). It is amazing at increasing creativity, courage, and motivation. This stone works to remove blockages that keep you stuck.

The Best Stones for Stress

This should just be titled the best stones for everyone, because I’ve yet to meet a person who isn’t affected by stress! So if you don’t have anxiety or depression and you just need a little help to navigate the stressors of this world these stones are for you!

The recommended stones for general stress are Amethyst, Blue lace agate, clear quartz, rose quartz, black tourmaline, and lepidolite. Please read above for their individual properties.

Chakra Bracelet
A chakra bracelet with multiple round stones of different colors sitting on a chunk of purple amethyst.

When in doubt for general stress or really even anxiety or depression I recommend these. They have a combination of grounding, protection, balancing, and supporting stones. It has a stone for each one of your chakras so it helps to balance your overall body. If you don’t want to carry a lot of individual stones around or if you just want your biggest bang for your buck the chakra bracelet is the way to go. More often than not, this is also the one I choose to use on a daily basis. If you choose not to go through My Dream Crystals for your chakra bracelet you can click here for a link to amazon.

Palm Stones
3 large white palm stones in a woman's hand with plants in the background

This isn’t a specific stone but is the shape of a stone. This is just a small, flat and smooth stone that people place in their pockets and typically hold or rub throughout the day. The shape itself is said to induce calmness.

Pink Stones
Multiple small pink colored stones sitting on a white table

My favorite pink colored stone is rose quartz but any pink stone will provide the feelings of love, hope, kindness and a general sweetness to your life. When you are stressed out it’s a great colored stone to carry.


At the present moment, there isn’t much scientific evidence on the healing properties of stones. It in general is too difficult to make a study and ethically they don’t want to have someone with feelings of anxiety (or some other condition) carry a stone around to see if it helps them. They just can’t do it for sake of liability. Plus if you look at funding you just don’t have the support to run a study of this size. You definitely aren’t going to see big pharma fund it!

What they have done research on though is the frequency of certain emotions and the frequencies of colors. As you’ll see bellow the frequency of negative emotions drops your energy down very low! Shame placing your energy the lowest at 20hz. Then if you’ll look at the frequency of colors you will see that red has the lowest frequency of 400-484 THz, which is still significantly higher than the frequency of shame.

*Here is a link for a full study on the frequency of emotions. Click Here

The different frequencies of different emotions listed in a chart
The wavelength, frequency and photon energy chart of different colors

We live in a world that is focused on energy. Every emotion and thought will release a different effect on the body due to the energy that it holds. We all go through difficult times, so while the different crystals won’t get rid of your emotional pain or any mental illness, they will have a positive change on your bodies energy which will help you feel better.

The energy around us is everything! While I can’t provide you a study to prove why each one of these stones helps I can say that our ancestors have been using stones since ancient times, and that knowledge was passed down generation to generation because they noticed how much it helped. It works with the simple saying “If it’s not broke why fix it?” They simply work so why not add them in to your daily routine.


Multiple sizes, colors, and shapes of stones on a white surface.

In recent year the use of crystals has dramatically increased. People have realized that they can find a powerful stone for almost any social situations, physical situations, or emotional situations they are placed in. Crystals have a strong connection to the different frequencies of this world, and provides a holistic approach to boosting your energy centers without having to change anything except carrying a beautiful stone around.

You can see that there are a lot of stones that are in multiple categories and there are a lot of options for each category. Every person will react differently to each stone, because each one of our energy fields are different. I personally HATE obsidian because it makes me feel like my whole body is vibrating and brings on an anxiety attack. My friend on the other hand would build a house out of obsidian because it helps support her energy.

If you are holding or working with a stone and you notice that you feel off then stop using it. That off feeling is a subtle sign from your body saying I don’t like this stone so listen to it and try one of the other stones. One of the best ways to determine the right stones for you is to hold and carry one around with you and pay attention to how you feel. It sounds crazy but I promise if you pay close attention you’ll notice some subtle shifts.

There are a lot of different ways crystal therapy can help each and every one of us. The good news is you don’t have to be a crystal healer to reap the benefits of these amazing stones. They are a powerful tool that you can use in your daily lives to help increase your frequency and energy.

*You can also read our article on What is a Stress Reaction and How to Decrease Symptoms for even more helpful tips!

*if you suffer from any severe mental health conditions, severe depression, or severe emotional challenges please seek professional help. There is no shame in asking for help. We all need it!

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