Hey y’all, I’m Krista!!

I am so excited y’all stopped by to share our passion! For so many years I have said I love sharing with others on how amazing this world is when you use the right tools. You can heal your body, decrease stress, and ultimately live a fun and low stress life in a completely chaotic world! The question is always well how is that even possible? That’s exactly what our goal is for this blog. Knowledge is power, so I’m super excited and grateful for this online format to be able to reach so many people and share the knowledge that we’ve learned over time. 

First off let me send out a huge welcome to Holistic Stress Docs, this is a site that will give you some background knowledge on a lot of different topics that alter your health and stress levels, as well as a lot of tips and tricks on how you can make this chaotic world we live in the best fit for you. Our goal is to reach as many people as we can so we can all live the happiest and best stress managed life you can live, and realizing that it looks completely different for each of us!

I am a licensed chiropractor in Texas and run a small practice and a hobby farm in my spare time. I was born in New Mexico and raised in Texas. I travel a lot throughout the year teaching seminars to fellow chiropractors and a lot of amazing chiropractic students. I became a chiropractor because my first semester in college I developed severe carpal tunnel in both of my wrists that ended my music career. I fell in to a huge depression and was completely stressed because at 18 my wrists were so bad that I couldn’t function. How was I ever going to be able to make it in this world? But like so many others, God sent me in to my chiropractors office and after a month I was back playing in the orchestra. 

After being given my life back I decided I had to become a chiropractor. I told my family “I want to be a doctor of hope so others can get their life back like I did”. To this day I am so happy and thankful for that pain, depression, and struggle that I had early on in life because it has sent me down a path that has enabled me to see how amazing this world and our bodies are when they are given everything they need!

I’ve been incredibly blessed to share so much of this information with all of the students and fellow doctors I have taught, but I am excited for the ability to be able to share with so many others like me that have struggled through this high stress world. Life really doesn’t have to be that hard all the time I promise. I can’t wait to share all of these small and easy tricks that I’ve used in my life that has made this world just a little bit easier. The best part is everything we are going to share is all natural and easy to start adding in to your day to day routine TODAY! 

Some of things I truly enjoy doing on my spare time is gardening, playing with the farm animals, fostering animals, spending time at the lake, camping and star gazing. I have plenty of other hobbies that help me navigate this crazy world that I can’t wait to share with y’all! 

Where you can find me!

I’m really so glad you’re here. Join us as we take each day and make it the best by exploring powerful stress busters, nutrition, and natural healing.