Hi, I’m Dr. Bri!

Welcome to Holistic Stress Docs, a place where we use some simple background information and easy techniques to empower you to succeed and find some happiness in such stressful world. 

Thank you so much for being here.  I have started this blog because I’m so passionate about helping people add simple and powerful stress relief tools to their routine. I really feel like people need help with stress and most health professionals don’t really address this. I’ve been helping patients and students in person for a long time but  I’m really excited about sharing this amazing information in this online format.  Join our email list for a free gift and make sure you never miss a new, potentially life changing post!

I am a licensed chiropractor with a young son.  I’m originally from Texas but now we spend about half of our time in Florida and the other half traveling the US to teach seminars to other chiropractors and chiropractic students.  I decided to become a chiropractor because I fell in love with the philosophy.  The bare bones of that philosophy is that the body is totally capable of healing itself!  This is such an empowering message and is backed by science.  

I soon discovered that sometimes the body needs a little bit of help to achieve optimal levels of health.  I also realized (especially after having a child) that stress plays a major role in putting the brakes on health AND happiness even when we are seemingly doing a lot of other things “right”.  

I’ve shared so much information with thousands patients and students over the years and the results have been absolutely tremendous!  As a “stress addict” myself, I use all of this information to keep me functioning at the highest level possible.  I’m really looking forward to expanding the reach of all I’ve learned and used over the years to help as many people as possible.

I love that what I will be sharing with you is all natural!

I have a passion for crafting and throwing my little guy amazing birthday parties.  I love when I get to spend several hours at a time marathon scrapbooking or planning how to decorate for the next event.  I’ve also recently discovered that I love organization.  Not really the process but the results are soooo yummy! 

A few fun facts about me:

I was a very active child.  I did gymnastics, ballet, jazz, tap, and cheerleading.  I loved to play outside and ride bikes, explore, go to parks, etc.

I love living in Florida where I rarely need to wear a jacket or “real” shoes. LOL!  I so enjoy living my life in shorts and sandals.

My favorite place on Earth is the beach.  I didn’t see the ocean until I was 25 years old and it totally changed my life.  I had never seen such a magnificent beauty.  Since then, I’ve not been too far away from the ocean.  

Follow along for our favorite stress busters, nutrition and supplement tips, and natural healing specifics.  We share new information every single week, documenting new things all the time.

Where you can find me!

I’m really so glad you’re here. Join us as we take each day and make it the best by exploring powerful stress busters, nutrition, and natural healing.